Lef Deppard

Format : CD

Classic recordings from the 80’s British Rock icons Def Leppard. From the extreme bending notes of the Clark/Willis early years to the high-flying guitar solos of Phil Collen on Pyromania, to the extremities of Genius Mutt Lange’s epic production of Hysteria, Northern California has been long overdue to relive and pay tribute to the boys from Sheffield.

Born in 2013, it was only fitting that premier Bay Area drumming veteran Mike Carlington and lead vocalist Ronaldo Vezzali started a discussion that evening that led to Lef Deppard being born, Northern California’s very first Def Leppard Tribute band.. “Excitable” as that evening was, soon to follow would be guitar virtuoso Matt Leyes as Phil Collen, Darren Brooks doubling as Steve “Steamin’ ” Clark, and the rock-solid, low end grooves of Evan McKee solidified the group.

Count on Lef Deppard to “Let It Rock” “On Through The Night” and will surely grip its audience note-for-note just the way it was meant to be- a ROCK concert OF the AGES!!