Format : CD

With the distinctive lead vocals of JEFF SALADO, who delivers the signature Perry tone, FAITHFULLY features fantastic harmonies and dynamic instrumentals. JR recreates note-for-note accurate renditions of Journey classics all in their original keys, and gives its audience an uncannily accurate tribute to the “Perry & Rolie” sound without pre-recorded backing tracks or digital vocal enhancements. Along with his band mates, Jeff take JR audiences on a rhythmic ride to an era when rock dominated the radio airwaves.

The veteran, professional and gifted musicians of JOURNEY REVISITED deliver that organic live sound of Journey during the album oriented rock era, and audiences are always leave a concert ready to rock with the band again.

Jeff founded the band Off-Kilter in 2005, and soon after changed the name to “Arrival, a Tribute to Journey.” In 2006, it became Journey Revisited. Now, they present you with a new formation known only as FAITHFULLY.

They are hailed by critics and fans alike. JR performs regularly at casinos, festivals, fairs, and corporate functions in Northern and Southern California as well as on the East Coast.